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F40 v. F40lw

Started by xseal, June 28, 2004, 10:33:44 AM

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Is it legal to run a F40LW legal bike (like a 125 gp) and "run it up a class" by competing in and taking your points in the F40 class?  

Anyone know?

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To bump up from Formula 40 LW to Formula 40, you would still need to have a supersport legal bike. Kind of like running a 600 in heavyweight supersport. Regardless of it being smaller in size, it still needs to be legal to the rules by being SS legal.

IOW, you could if the bike you were riding was a SS legal SV650, but not on a TZ.

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thats what I thought, but I needed a 2d opinion. Thanks,


This may confuse the issue, but I think the supersport restriction only applies to HW F40.
In LW F40, SS, SB, GP are all legal as I read it. Pease let me know if I'm wrong.
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You're right Don, but I think the original question was if a lightweight F40 bike could compete in heavyweight F40.  The answer would be yes, but only if it was a production street bike prepped to supersport rules.  The rules for Heavyweight F40 require supersport trim, so the lightweight bike would need DOT tires, stock displacement, airbox, ect. to be run in the heavyweight F40 class.
In lightweight F40, anything goes as per lightweight  superbike and lightweight GP rules.
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" In lightweight F40, anything goes as per lightweight  superbike and lightweight GP rules."

I could be wrong, but I don't think my TZ
is legal in LWT superbike. I do run GTO and
LWTGP though.


I agree with Kevin Elliot. The F-40 and Lightweights should remain as is; plus, the rule change for next year to accept the HWSB rules, would allow alot more competition in the F-40 class. Keep the 4 cylinder 1000cc in their own class, but they do need more races for these bikes at each event.  ;D


125's ran in F40 before the split. ;)


Yeah , I remember that guy ;D


Took you long enough to reply. Kind of slow, like when your on the track. ;D


Lets see, when I was on a 125 and you were on a 600 who was faster, was it me, yeah I think it was. ;D  Now I am on a 600 and your on the little bike, who is faster, was it me, yeah I think it was.  ;D


In F40lw SV's can be superbike spec correct?  ???