CCS Helmet rule 5.1.1

Started by jhackett, October 19, 2011, 12:32:19 PM

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I'm arguing against these rules here at MCRA which currently follows CCS lead.  Why?

Snell themselves states there is NO testing evidence that well cared for older helmets degrade! ... aining.pdf

This same document above can be found on Snell's website as a PowerPoint document in the Documents library.  Snell also says both current and prior Snell certification should be allowed in the rule book for competition.  And they mention a 5 year USE rule, not date of manufacture.

Sweat, Resin, and UV degradation are myths that certainly don't apply to a well taken care of high end helmet.  Again, the 5 year date of manufacture seems to be arbitrary and designed to sell helmets. 

I have 2 Snell 2005 helmets, an Arai Quantum II DOM 2004 but in service June 2010 and a Shoei TZ-R DOM 2009 in service 2010.  All evidence points to the Arai being the superior and safer helmet yet only the TZ-R can be used for racing or many track days?

Let's keep in mind everything is measured by a cost benefit ratio for us non-pros. Otherwise we'd all be outfitted like your favorite MotoGP star with airbag suits.  Yes, we can buy a new helmet.  My quandary is do I or others spend $500 on a new top-of-the-line helmet which at best is equal to my existing helmet or spend the same in other safety equipment such as upgrading my gloves, leathers, armor, or perhaps even an extra set of tires for the year.  Based on all factual evidence, my overall safety goes up by using the existing Arai and spending that money elsewhere.  Yet the rule runs contrary to that best option.

Some more helmet safety tidbits:  ECE 22.04 has not been current since 2000 so it should be outright dropped.  ECE 22.05 is not nearly as stringent as Snell 2005 or 2010. Snell 2010 in some ways was a compromise to ECE 22.05 as it was impossible to get a helmet to pass ECE 22.05 and Snell 2005.

And now a link to some comparisons between ECE, Snell 2005 - M2010 and DOT:

I personally would not run an ECE ONLY certified helmet.
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"the 5 year date of manufacture seems to be arbitrary and designed to sell helmets."

Congrats, you broke the code. Unfortunately, too many have swallowed the kool-aide.
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