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Painting race plastic

Started by sv303, January 23, 2005, 03:42:05 PM

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The plastic has some road rash from the previous owner and I wanted to repaint it after fixing it up.  I'm new to this sport and don't want to spend a ton of money on painting it.  I'd rather spend the money on much needed practice.  I have a friend with a paint gun and a heated garage or can the plastic be painted with aresol spray cans?  Has anyone every painted all of ther bike with spray cans and what did it look like.  I don't really want to look like a red neck racer.  

Plus any other tips on painting the plastic?

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I used rattle cans on mine. As for looks, as long as it looks goo at 50 feet doing 50 mph, its fine. ;D

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Color-rite spray cans!!! The best ;D I have painted several track bikes with them and they look good.The fully painted bike was done by me this way.


I second that, I have painted several bikes with spray paint in my day.  Check out this one I did last year that I actually ride as my "Public" if you would show type bike.


you can order the paint from Dennis Kirk -- I think its called "frame paint," but it matches the factory colors -- so for Kawasaki green (eg) it looks great as long as you sand and prep.


Color-rite has great factory matching stuff :)


Yeah both those places do, or you can go cheap and get some Krylon!!!! hahahah Thats what that black paint is!! ;)