1/4 turn throttles

Started by roadrashroeser, January 16, 2005, 08:17:34 AM

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1/4 turn throttle
Who is using a 1/4 turn throttle? I have wrist problems so was wondering if the 1/4 turn throttles really reduce the twist alot or minimal. Do they work well? Also heard I could modify stock throttle assembly. Has anyone done this, is it safe? Thanks for feedback.

Mike Roeser

Eric Kelcher

R6 comes with 1/4 turn throttle. The older gen R6 you could replace throttle tube form R1 to achive a 1/5 turn aprox throttle.

What also works is to partially fill the grove of throttle tube with tape or other material and that will give you less throttle range problem is if you are not even with tape then throttle reponse will not be smooth.
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So I already have a 1/4 turn on my r6? can I shorten it more?
Mike Roeser


QuoteI have wrist problems


YOu have wrist problems...I have wrist problems...lol

twist less with your wrist....twist the throttle like you'd turn a door knob...
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can you show me what you are talking about. anyway why are you still up at 1:15 am? call me tonite
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Super Dave

Didn't we cover this?

Yeah, like a door knob.  Not so much trying to do it with your forearm, but with the twist in your radius and ulna.
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maybe covered but i have bad memory(sp)!
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Give KC @ BRGracing.com a call.  He'll know what you can do for an R6.  He makes them for Suzuki's and they work very well.


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