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03 Midwest Schedule?

Started by ekraft84, October 03, 2002, 10:41:52 AM

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hey guys,

anyone have an idea when the 2003 schedule goes out?  i haven't raced in CCS this year and wanted to see.

i for one am a big fan of Grattan.  i would love to see it added onto the 03 schedule, along with putnam, gingerman, etc.  

anyone agree/disagree?

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all those tracks would be awesome if they were added to the schedule.  I raced with AHRMA this year, basically so I could race at Grattan, Putnam, and Mid-Ohio.

Super Dave

Schedules don't get put together until Nov/Dec.  

Word is that Grattan will be on the schedule, and, potentially, a date at Mid-Ohio.  

Putnam won't happen.  Someone died there many years ago at a CCS event and there is some bad blood floating around at the track toward CCS.
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Keep Gateway, but 3 races instead of 4 and for God's sake don't schedule Gateway in March or within 2 weeks of a Blackhawk event.  Also, if nothing else, at least add asphalt to smooth the transition onto the NASCAR track.

Add Putnam 2x, get over something that happened a few years ago.

Add another MAM.

Make Great Lakes, Great Plains, and Midwest a little more descriptive of where the actual races are.  I picked and chose "close" to St. Louis races from all 3 regions this year, and somehow ended up with the most points in Great Lakes???  GP and MW is much more descriptive of this area than GL....

So, 2 BHF, 2 Gateway, 2 RA, 2 MAM, 2 Putnam and a Hallet or another BHF/Gatway make a decent schedule for one of those regions.
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Super Dave

Putnam's problem is with themselves.  CCS has continually tried to schedule events.  Putnam will not let them.

MAM's pavement might just go completely down hill.  And the last couple of corners next to the pit wall will hurt someone bad.  

Super Dave


Putnam regularly schedule WERA, NESBA, and a few other motorcycle orgs.  Their problem is not with themselves, it may be with CCS, seems like a bridge that needs mending for one of the best tracks in the Mid-West.

Almost every first year track has some pavement problems.  MAM will get them figured out, I spoke with the owner and he seemed dedicated to making everything right.  In fact, I know they fixed and repaved at least once mid-season. Those corners near the pit wall do need airfence or something, but every track has a dangerous corner or 2 at least.
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I have one request....

Why double points at Gateway for the first race of the season and the last.  It is OK to have one there, but not both.  Blackhawk Farms is considered our home track why not have one of the double point races there?

We live in North Central Wisconsin and do not plan on making the trip to Gateway.

Dawn   :)


What exactly is the purpose of a double points weekend? Perhaps they make gateway double points weekend so that people will show up?  ???


QuoteWhat exactly is the purpose of a double points weekend? Perhaps they make gateway double points weekend so that people will show up?  ???

Yeah cause the track is showers, no food served last weekend, drag strip running all night, stupid chicane...


LOL Eddie

Hey, I'll say the Chicane is the worst feature at any track.  Yeah, there are some walls (with airfence, btw) but the asphalt is good (except the aforementioned corner).  

Where else do you get all asphalt pitting, free shaded, covered pits, free electricity, free compressed air outlets, FM transmitter of race calls, air conditioned meeting room, TV's with weather radar, and grandstands from which you can see the entire race?  Showers are across the street and it is a race track, not a camping area, so to moan about the noise from the drag strip is comical.

I don't like the chicane any more than the next person, but to rip the entire track when many of its features are the best just doesn't make sense???
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