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How're yall's newer (> 02) SV's holding out?

Started by Huey130, May 05, 2004, 10:56:50 AM

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I know of several stock, mildy built and built 03+ SVs going pop on the WERA side. Hell even Suzuki's Morgan Broadhead's blew up on him.

Here's mine: JE 2 mil over pistons (I know several 2 mil overs that made it through entire years w/o damage like this), stockj connecting rods and crank, used the JE head gasket with no decking, degreed cams (set to stock numbers) and remapped fuel injection:

First guess is a pure small end failure from the stress of the forged piston and / or the higher compression (13 to 1).

So, What are y'all seeing with them?

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Ooooo..... Owch!  We still have the 01 SV, but I'll keep my eye open.

Dawn   :)


Ouch, I think it is going to cost more than $20 to fix.

My 03 has survived one race weekend so far with no problems.
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Is your's stock or do you have an overbore like Huey there?



Mine's completely stock internally and has made it through two weekends.  I don't want to take it apart for fear of what I might see.   :o
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My engine is stock, only a pipe and no changes to the fuel injection yet.

From the pics, it appears to be a rod failure. I haven't had a chance to see how wide spread the problem is. My bike will pull past red line, I wonder if those having problems are using tachometers to prevent over revving the engine.
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Sorry dude to hear about your motor, but I have to agree about the lower end being the culprit.  

That has pretty much made my mind up about not building my engine up.

Hope you are racing again soon. :-/



you get an answer you like yet concerning the demise of your bike?  If you had a small end failure that is because the thing was oil starved for a moment or two.  Many possible causes.  What is the range of damage to the motor and what is the condition of the crank and bearings?



There are oiling problems with the SVs, especially the built ones. Consult you local SV (Ed Key) expert for possible fixes.
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The biggest problem, as stated is oil starvation.  It leads to broken cranks.  The only fix right now is a forged crank.  Conversly, our '02 has had no problems as we stayed below 90 hp, which seems to be the limit.

If you do want to build above 90, then be sure to purchase an after market rev-limiter and stay below 9500.  There's no significant increase in power beyond that anyway.  Just my opinion.