Started by Harley Migneault, September 12, 2002, 02:42:28 PM

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Harley Migneault

Hello,To Whom may be able to help.
   I race a 2000R6 the problem I am having is at half race distance my clutch starts slipping at the higher rpm range. I took the clutches out and put a mic on them and they are well within spec. They measured 0.30. The only thing that I can think of is that the factory springs are breaking down?If anyone has any ideas I would like the help.
               Sincerly ,Harley


I had this problem and the cause was there was no free play in my clutch lever so it was actually not fully releasing. Put some slack in the clutch lever and see if that helps.


What kind of oil are you using?  


   I guess i forgot to post. Problem solved. The stock springs had the problem of losing tention after they heated up. I put a set of Barrnet racing springs in. Problem solved.


Springs do not lose tension when heated up.  Fiber plates can become burnt/glazed which means they lose friction and slip.  They will still mic within spec but they are junk.  The tell-tale sign of this is a burnt smell in your oil.  If you want to check your springs you can simply measure them there is a spec and when they get to short toss them.