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Ohlins Rear

Started by xunil11, March 18, 2004, 06:59:35 PM

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Got a new Ohlins for my SV-650, brand new and got a great deal on it.  It is already sprung for my weight, 175lbs, but I am trying to set up the compression/rebound damping on it.  Any suggestions?


The Ohlins dealer that you purchased  your shock from should be able to provide you with any specific tuning answers you may need. That is part of the benefit of dealing with shops and tuners that specialize in these kinds of products.
Rob Oliva
Lithium Motorsports, Inc.
Suspension Solutions


Call Ohlins, or any Ohlins trackside support rep.  My mechanic handles all of my suspension set up, and he is a Ohlins Certified Trackside Support.  


Keith Thompson
Superbike Specialties

(734)467-8700 and ask for Keith

He should be able to get you the information/setup your looking for.  Or, you may see him at a few tracks/track days/races.  Big box truck with Ohlins on the side.

Super Dave

Dampening characteristics shock to shock can be a little different.  Additionally, dampening is usually related to the track surface.  

Rule one:  the dampening should not overcome the spring.  

There is no specific answer on how many clicks, etc.  There might be a "window", but it's not an end all.  

Being set up for your weight is only a part of it.  The actual length of the shock and how that effects the overall geometry of the bike is EXTREMELY important.  In addition, the tire you use will affect the bike's geometry as well.  

Really, you should contact the people you got it from.  That's part of what you're paying for.
Super Dave


Talk to max at traction dynamics. He has some interesting things to say about the ohlins, and how they need to be set up. Here's a copy of the email he sent me.

What make and model of bike do you have?  I can't tell you what spring you need until I know that.
Here is the deal with Ohlins....
They install SAME AS STOCK spring rates on their shocks, and then just adjust up or down.  No testing, no track time, regardless of what they may say to the contrary.  We log all stock spring rates of bikes here, and so we know what they are fitting to the shocks.  Secondly, they install the springs with WAY too much preload.  Even though you may see that the hydraulic adjuster (I am assuming you have the remote preload adjuster) appears to be "full soft", the spring is installed improperly by Ohlins, and has so much preload that the bike will not sag, sometimes not even with the rider on it!
So we need to reset the hydraulic collar (sometimes there is not room) or remove it and put an easy to adjust manual collar on.  We have our own part that gets rid of the silly hydraulic gadget.
So, what you really most likely have is a spring that is Too Soft (believe it or not), but with so much initial pressure on it, that you will never get the bike setup right.
We can fix all of that for you.
David Vaughn
ccs mw ex#27 Racing
Chitown Hustlers