Coolant system question

Started by wvracer97, February 20, 2004, 07:32:30 PM

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I was told by a fellow racer that it presents no problem if you go ahead and put a rubber cap on your radiator overflow nipple (as opposed to running it to a catch can.)  Is there a tech issue with this, or, more importantly, a mechanical hazard to capping off the overflow?


best to keep the overflow,   otherwise you'll eithor bloow coolant out when the bike heats up (after you topped it off), or you wont have a full radiator and will have air in the system.


Thanks for the info... if I do keep the stock overflow setup do I still need to run it to a catch can?  If so, Where in the heck would I put it on a 600RR?


 Nope just the stock overflow is fine, 600rr you say? Coool! You did replace the radiator fluid right?

Greg "Stumpy" Steltenpohl


Yepper!  I'm running the Redline water wetter with H20.  Thanks all...