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Formula 40 LW and HW Classes

Started by EX#996, August 18, 2002, 08:44:43 AM

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 :o You mean there's only 1 50+ racer out there???  ;D ;D ;D Where is he? Can I be the 2nd one? ::)


If your +50 sign in please. How many of us are there?



Me too. Dec 3rd 1945----(12/3/45) 12345 :-/

Super Dave

I've had three plus 60 year old riders come through my class.  There are more out there.

I think that once you are over 40, many of the fantasies of a factory ride are gone.  So, to have more divisions after that seems a bit redundant.  Or we could make a menapaus class...?  LOL!

Anyway, small grids?  Ultra-lightwieght whatever has had one to two bikes on the grid (Ninja 250, VRT250).  The room is there to combine it with something.

I'm sure that a LW F40 and a HW F40 could survive.  Open up the HW, or maybe call it OPEN 40, and allow 600's, 750's and 1000cc 4's.  Would you run the two classes together?  Might not work to bad.

Super Dave


I like the idea of spilting up lw and hw for F40 because it wouls be more competitive.
As for the Ultra Lightweight class, I run the VTR 250 and we all know who ran the Ninja, it was a class this year that was small but from what I hear next year it is going to get bigger and it's the most fun I had this year running that class.
I don't want no lip out of you on this subject either.
you know what I mean, so resist the temptation.

Super Dave

Hopefully, it will get bigger this up coming season.

Ninja?  Uh, yeah, that girl...LOL!

Small bikes are fun.  Really hope my Lightweight Sportsman bike is running for this season, 2003.
Super Dave


Yeah that girl is crazy.
Already heard of three people who want to ride that class.
Small bikes teach you how to go faster.