Demographics for Summit Point

Started by Brent Broussard, July 07, 2002, 07:13:19 AM

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Brent Broussard

Can anyone at CCS provide me with the number of tickets sold on a normal weekend and possibly the number of spectators / racers?



The typical CCS or WERA weekend at Summit seems to draw about 350 racers, with about 900 entries.  I have no idea how many spectators.  Maybe 5?  :)


Spectator gate at Summit is anywhere from 1200 down to 700 people depending on the weather. Since the track doesn't separate riders and crew from that number, there is no accurate "spectator" number. CCS averages 300 riders and 860 entries at Summit Point over the last 3 seasons.

I hope that helps.
Kevin Elliott
Director of Operations-CCS/ASRA
Fort Worth, TX

Brent Broussard

Thanks for the reply.  I'll have the stats available if a potential sponsor asks?


You may want to contact Bill Scott Racing (BSR, Inc.), they are the people who run the track.  Their web site is

There should be an email addy and phone number on the homepage.