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got a ? on Race Tech fork cartridge

Started by ReneGSXR, August 15, 2003, 01:29:27 PM

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would changing my stock fork cartridges for a set of Race Tech's and race fluid make a noticable diffrence or would i need to change out the springs also.


Having the correct spring for your weight is the most important, then valving.  If your spring is not right, the best valving in the world won'd do you much good.  I'd start with getting the right spring so you get good sag numbers, then spend the money on revalving.  The best thing to do is send the forks to someone like Traxxion and have them install new springs and valves together for your particular weight and riding application.


Depending on your weight and riding style, you might get away with the stock springs on your GSXR. In that case, the valving would be the only thing left to change. But, as Brian suggested, be sure you spend some time talking with experienced suspension tuners to find out if the Race Tech Gold Valves are what you need. From what I understand, the three-port valves behave differently than the four-port stock valves, and can be more difficult to fine-tune.

Note: In 2001, our GSXR's used stock fork springs and pistons with custom valving. Our rider (145 lbs.) finished 7th in AMA 750SS and ~12th in AMA 600SS, earning LP Racing's Privateer of the Year award. Not bad for nearly-stock forks...