How do you enter a turn? (On the track)

Started by RickyRacer, October 23, 2001, 03:10:10 AM

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The scenario is: The corner is a flat 90 degree left hander, there is no one ahead of you and no one behind you.
Do you:
Trail brake to the apex and then get back on the gas?
Get your braking all done, turn, then on the gas into the corner then open it up at the apex?
What's you favorite way?
Which way is the quickest?
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i usually get all my braking done, tip-in and hit the gas.  i don't know if it's the fastest.  i'm not fast enough to know.   ::) :'(

Eric Kelcher

Well depends on the nature of the bike.

Our old endi\urance bike I would ride the brakes all the way in and be on the gas as I came off the brakes.

Our newer bike to get the mid turn handling that some of the new riders wanted none to minimum trail braking could be done as front end was more loaded on that bike and would tuck or push real easily.
Eric Kelcher
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Admin used to be that I would get all of my braking done and then start the turn.  As I ride more, I am finding (by no choice of my own!) that I am breaking further and further into the turn, and as I do it more often, I find out that it really seems to be more comfortable for me to do so.



I am not experienced enough to trailbrake in the turns.  I get everything done, turn-in, and then on the gas to get out of the turn.  See guys back the bike into the turns and it sure looks good and they are faster than me.  I think it is more experience and comfort than anything.

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Kicking and Screaming  ;D  ;D ;D ;D

Actually it depends on the turn, and what I am trying to do.  I tend to brake early, but try to carry a lot of corner speed. When I late brake I just upset my rhythm.  Usually only late brake and or trail brake when I am overtaking someone.  Doesn't happen much, because I suck!!  :-*


Eric Kelcher

the breathing thing is funny. On both of the Pimpadelic bikes (Brett Champagne and Shannon Ball) they have duct tape with BREATHE written on speedo. I thought about it and worked on breathing during my races and I was more relaxed and dropped a second off my average lap.
Eric Kelcher
ASRA/CCS Director of Competition


I got about 1/2 way between styles. I trail brake, but I am easing up on them as I tip the bike in. The more steering input, the faster I get off of the brakes (Decreasing radius corners see me braking for a long time).
The idea, is to keep the front end compressed as opposed to: compressed for braking, then extended off brakes, then compressed again for the corner.
I do this on both my GS500 racer (No power, brakes and corners great) and my RF900 street/track day bike (LOTS 'O power, OK in corners, good on brakes)
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