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Kansas City area racers

Started by Gixxer124, June 08, 2002, 04:55:25 PM

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I'd like to hear from racers from the K.C. and surrounding areas. I'm trying to get a story together for the local sports newspaper. E me at:  or just post it.  Thanks, Kevin


Hi, my name is Kevin Clark and I'm from Grain Valley, Mo. I've been racing for about 2 months. I ride a 2000 GSXR600. Mods include a D&D slip-on.......(thats it)  I am currently racing Formula 40 and the GTU class.  Am #124

Anybody else?

Super Dave

The Hall's are from the area and so is Shane Clarke.  Good crowd of people that do AHRMA racing too.  May want to contact Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiaists club (HoAME) in KC.  They should hook you up.

Super Dave