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Overall points explained

Started by Motostu, March 13, 2014, 07:56:18 PM

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How do overall points work? It says i have 34 points or something but ive scored 99 combine from my individual classes.

Ps thanks melka for the radiator advice. The whole seam was leaking down the left side where the core pieces meet the side tank. I ended up replacing it with a used one and made a metal screen guard. The bike had been in an accident before i bought it so prob still stuff from that.
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total points times your performance index. and some classes dont count like tb, f40, f3,supertwins
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no prob on the radiator, that is odd it was coming apart that way..

remember on the overall, the PI is an average of every race you do. The individual classes have their own PI that you accumulate and get an average for that specific class. Just a few seasons ago, the OVERALL PI was an average of the PI from each CLASS. Well, that kinda sucked if you decided one weekend to do a race in a class you never did before, and do poorly. That 300pi in that class (for example) pulled down the overall PI as it was averaged EQUALLY with the other 4 classes you spent all season building up nicely .. not so any more. 1 bad race is just averaged in with every other race and gives you the overall PI. That poor race just pulls the PI down for that individual class..
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