LRRS to require the Helmet Eject System

Started by Jstu202, April 19, 2012, 01:31:58 PM

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While trying to get logged into the damn LRRS site I noticed that they have a new rule regarding the mandatory use of the Helmet Eject System. I found it rather silly that we would have to pay an additional $60.00 just to race up there for one weekend. So I did some research and found this (see link). This quote from Wanda indicates that we do not have to use it if we are only racing one event with LRRS. Hopefully that is how it will stay. Also, I am not saying that this system doesn't work, or that its pointless to buy. But with money being tight, and the Loudon round being on the schedule only once, it seemed unnecessary to buy and that perhaps like someone just trying to make extra money on the racers.

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