Redline Photo pics from 9/23- 9/25 BFR SALE!

Started by Doctor, October 04, 2011, 10:13:38 PM

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Hello everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that Redline Photo is offering our End of Season Trackside Pricing through October 15th!

Normal Trackside pricing for all of your photos on a disc is $20 for one day, $35 for two, and $50 for three.

Normally post event orders are $35 per day.

We are offering our end of season Trackside pricing though through October 15th, which is:

$20 for one day

$25 for two days


$30 for three days.

You will get all of your images from the dates that you specify. We shot every race and most of the practices, including the Motovid Test and Tune Racer Practice on 9/23. At times we had 5 photographers shooting. Many racers ended up with well over 100 photos, and a couple even had over 500!

We are adding photos from the weekend to our Facebook page, and our website has content being added frequently as well.

Our Facebook Fan Page is at and our site is at

To place an order and get this discount, send an email to

Thanks, and Take Care- Jim
Wisconsin SportBikes Racing Team, Zone Photo, Dunlop,, Blackhawk Farms Raceway

Jim Lilly
CCS Ex #703