Long wait is over! Thanks to all!!!

Started by djduc748l, July 18, 2011, 07:05:57 AM

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Well most of you might remember my mid race helicoter ride out of CMP April of 2010...that sucked, and the year after that incident wasn't much fun either, but this past weekend at NJMP was the polar opposite of that!
Slowly I made it back to the track, mini moto's, atv's, dirt bikin, etc...then the desire to start building bikes again started to come back...well glad to say, that although i'm no longer willing to run the pace I use to, I really enjoy the hell out of just being on the racetrack AT ALL!!!
Attached is the picture of my 1098 at CMP that shitty day over a year ago, and then this weekend at NJMP after the 3hr Team Challenge! What a ride! 1st and 2nd overall! All the work building these bikes was sooooo worth it! Thanks to:
Pirelli's Rich Conrath
Celtic Racing's Barry Gilsenan
Fast by Ferracci's Eraldo Ferracci
Trebour Motorcycles in Ledgewood, NJ
Howie Southall
Zoli Nemes
PJ Jacobsen
Shane Narbonne
Danielle Little
my daughters
and special thanks to my girlfriend Lauren for being there when life was sucking bad and being there now!
Remember...have fun and enjoy every second! Life is to precious to take for granted!


Glad your back Dennis. I remember that day. Congrats!

Cowboy 6

Way to get back on the horse Dennis! We can't wait to see you again.

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I don't know you, but I can relate to injuries (Broken back, shattered left shoulder, and getting back on that HOrse!  Perseverence my friend to survival, keep it up and congrats! 
If you're not Smilin' while you're ridin', then QUIT!