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**** My Racing Bio Update ****

Started by Russell2566, May 07, 2010, 08:17:23 PM

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So My Racing Bio has sucked this year so far... My bad  :kicknuts:

I think everything went wrong this year with results that could. First they were coming in formatted slightly differently and it mucked stuff up. Then CCS updated their software and that really screwed things up :ahhh: On top of this I am crazy busy with work + a new baby and finding time has been more difficult than it should be.

I've been on a couple calls with West Hold (very nice people BTW) and I've gotten almost everything resolved.

This year I did a major update to the importing process for races. The biggest impact to the end user [yes you] is that going forward races in the results will actually be called by their right names and combined races will be LINKED separately.

Combined races are still a massive headache and a number one generator of bitchy emails. Not to throw stones, but god forbid an amateur beat an expert and it throw off his finishing position :) I am working on a solution that will help me separate the races, but at the end of the day this will be a FULLY manual process of dragging people into separate races via a gui that I still need to build. This means that AFTER official results are completed someone will be able to look at the results and make one race into two or three individual races.

This is where you guys come in. At some point in the future I'm hoping to recruit a handful of responsible adults that are willing to chip in and help with results type maintenance.  Responsible adults may be hard to come by, so able-body trouble makers will also suffice if I get desperate.

SOOOOOO with no more delays I want to release the results for:

I'm still working on a few things, and yes a couple races might be missing. I'm working on this too, HONEST! And again sorry for the delays and confusion!


Not to add to your overwhelming list, but HPT?  BTW- thanks for doing what you do, Russell!  You rock!
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Results for Heartland Park posted... a few issues with the results, they sent me some screwed up files, so they are not all pretty!

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Heartland Park Times are currently incorrect. Apparently CCS is using a mix of new software and old? No f-ing clue. I'm going to re-import the times now though which will hopefully resolve the issue.

Burt Munro

Russ, check with Kevin on the HPT software issue.  He was there and I know they were training some new people from the track on timing. 
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I've used the right version importer now and many of the track times are now right. But there are a number of anomalies resulting in -25 minute lap times. I'll dig more through the raw results tomorrow...


Russell I've got time free in the evening to help out either code wise or import wise - shoot me a PM or email at, see what I can help with