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Race Bike Transportation From Wisconsin to Daytona

Started by Scotty Ryan, January 30, 2010, 10:09:22 AM

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Scotty Ryan

So it looks like I will be driving the van and the TSE trailer down - Leaving Wednesday February 24th toward the late afternoon/early evening. Driving straight there and turning around and driving straight home Sunday Night February 28th.

We currently have 1 person already committed and is riding in the van with me - Along with a helper - So Maybe an "Fly and Ride" would work out - Can get cramped in the back seat of my van with 2 people for 24hrs. Might be able to haul 2 more bikes total - Kinda trying to keep the load light since this will be the van's maiden trip pulling the trailer down through the hills with this trailer...

At this point we would be looking at splitting fuel cost 3 ways - Or if we get an additional 4th bike - Split everything 4 ways....

Should be looking roughly at $700 total in fuel cost - Split however many ways.
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Dori Ninja

not that it seems to be an issue, but if u fill up and there are more in need of transport i can pull the odessey out of ours since its broke anyway and make room for atleast 3 bikes as well.... im farther north in green bay WI and if ur on the way we can scoop the bike up and meet u down there!!! :) def no room for passengers though in the pick up we already have three lol
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