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50/50 raffle at Daytona

Started by projekt9_racing, October 08, 2001, 06:24:39 AM

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*Team projekt9 racing will be holding a 50/50 raffle
at Daytona on October 18th and 19th. Proceeds will go to the NYCPPI,
The New York City Public/Private Initiatives, Inc. The City of New York is accepting contributions to aid the families of Police, Fire, EMS and other city employees who were involved in the rescue efforts.
These are the men and women who gave their lives to save others. The money will help the families with college education, daily living expenses, ect.

There will be a cash 1st prize and runner-up prizes as well.
p9 sponsors have contributed to the cause in the form of:
Four 50% off any helmet vouchers from
Bieffe America
J&J promos American flag Tee - HD cotton XL
Team graphics Tee - HD cotton XL
Plus free team give-aways; Pens, Magnets, & American flag decals
Come see Team p9 in the pit area at Daytona for tickets!


Hi folks, just a quick update;

We will be in Garage 63
and there has been one more prize added
to the list, a 12x18" American Flag and a
White American Flag baseball cap.
So, thats 8 prizes in all to be raffled away.