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Author Topic: Saying Hello For the '03 SE Season  (Read 1263 times)

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Saying Hello For the '03 SE Season
« on: March 22, 2003, 08:24:44 pm »
I wanted to say hello to all the cornerworkers that work CCS' SE tracks, and to say I hope I don't meet a single one of you anywhere but in the pits!  ;D

You all do a great job, and I know you take what you do very serious. You are appreciated!

Side note for a laugh...My first experience with a cornerworker was my second race, first race weekend, at Roebling Road last year. I went into turn one "hot as hell" (yeah right..I laugh at the thought now!) and just KNEW there was no way I was going to take the turn. Of course I committed the cardinal rookie mistake...picked the bike up and rode into the grass. Mr. Front Tire let me know that was a very bad idea shorthly thereafter.

After I did the prone inventory of body parts and made sure everything was still attached and working, I remember a corner worker approaching and asking me if I was ok, I replied yes. He immediatelym said, and I quote, "we have no idea why you crashed." In hindsight I wish I would have said, "cuz I am a dumbass." I still laugh about my first crash/corner worker experience. He summed up a typical rookie crash with one statement.

So, anyways, thanks for the help, safety, and laughs. Have a great season!