New Round added to ASRA schedule: VIR North Course

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Started by TZDeSioux, March 20, 2003, 07:34:15 AM

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because of the war and terrorist activity, my brand new 2003 Yamaha TZ250 will be sitting in customs at Ohare for additional screening. I wonder how long that's going to take  ::) I'm about tell the freaking importer to suck my dizzick and give me my money back so I can go buy a 600. If I miss the first blackhawk because of this... I'm showing up there on the 4-6th with my gun. If I'm not racing... nobody is racing!  >:(

 ;D ;D


Who is your importer?
Craig #124


hey craig.... it's me!  I sold you a seat and brakes for your TZ :D  The importer is GP Star


Hey Super_Duck,

If I finish my bike and Chris's bike within the next, I'll happily assist you with your bike prep.


thanks for the offer.... I'm not too concerned about prepping the bike. Looks like it'll be too late to have my suspension worked on so I'll probably just ride it stock for the first weekend. So basically I just need to rebuild the motor, safety wire and paint plates on the bodywork. I should be able to everything in 2 days. The phucked up thing about this whole ordeal is that my bike will be at Ohare today but I won't get my hands on it for God knows how long.