Custom Hand Made Ceramic Bearings

Started by KTMRACING, August 22, 2008, 09:09:55 PM

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I am having hand made ceramic bearings made. Wheelbearings and Crankshaft main bearings can be made. ANY bearing can be made though. These are not cheap ceramic balls and bearings that are mass produced. The balls are hand picked and the bearing assembled by hand!!! These bearings are by far the best available!!! My supplier makes bearings for almost all the NASCAR teams. Below is some information from the manufacturer. If you are interested in purchasing some of these bearings please pm me with what you need (Bearing Manufacture and Size) and I will get a price quote.


These are the bearings you heard about in many racing circles but didn't know where or how to buy them. These advanced technological cutting edge precision Grade 5 Silicon Nitride “SN101C” FORMULA Ceramic Bearings are highly sought after by Professional Engine builders, Chassis builders and Major Race Teams AROUND THE WORLD. “SN101C” FORMULA does not Lose Size, Shape and is SHATTER PROOF.

The main reason why your Ceramic Bearing didn't work is because YOUR bearing is likely made of Aluminum Oxide, Zirconium or Boron Carbide. Not Silicon Nitride! Your bearing uses metal balls that under a load cause heat and micro weld themselves to the metal inner and outer races. Heat causes friction, friction causes drag and binding. This greatly slows down the performance of your engine and results in loss of horse power and chassis freeness.

Ours are a precision Grade 5 balls are far superior to Grade 50 balls. Having race specific bearing balls, hand picked for matched size and engineered specifically for that particular "Race Bearing" is what you need to realize the full performance gains you?re seeking. Free spinning bearings with frictionless nylon retainers verses metal is what we specialize in!

Ceramic bearings don't break, flake or crack apart; You will spend and replace YOUR bearing 6-7 times before you will ever replace a Silicon Nitride ceramic bearing; Silicon Nitride balls never wear out, they just get replaced into new bearing races keeping cost way down. Bearing Race wear is the only wear factor.


Ok I dig the hard as glass thing about these bearings .

Tell me How do they help the crank , cam or whatever steel part from failing under the same running stresses as a bearing costing WAY less

Most failures I've seen are the fault of the owner letting oil levels go un checked or over temp failures .
These faults are operator  failure not the bearings

The point I'm trying to make is will the cost get people to watch after their bikes and then take care of these bearings .Of course they last longer.


Standard bearings cost less intially, but when you consider they last 6 to 7 times less then ceramic and do not offer the performance gains or dependability what is the better value for your investment? Ceramic bearings all the way. Especially ours because of the quality of the materials used in construction and our design.

Ceramic bearings you can run dry for a long time before they fail. Failure in a standard bearing due to no oil or temp is inherit in the facts of the metalurgy. Steel on steel causes friction which creates heat and drag (less rpm's) and causes bearing fatigue and failure. Ceramic bearings are also made to exact tolerences that are way smaller then conventional bearings. The balls are measured by a machine for size and then sorted. Then inspected by hand for any imperfections and rechecked by manually measuring them fror accurracy to +/- .0002. If I remember correctly the machine can only sort them to a +/- .0015 accurracy.

Anyone that has ever used quality ceramic bearings can verify they greatly reduce friction, almost never need replacing and increase rpm's. Many engine guru's on this forum always use ceramic main bearings as one of their "trick engine mods". I have personally spun several of our ceramic ball bearings under load for 8 hrs at 8,000 rpm and the race is still cold to the touch. Try that with a standard metal bearing and you will have a nice burn print in your hand!!! We have purposely spun the bearings under load up tp 30,000 rpms for onr hour trying to get them hot or to fail. They really make a substantial difference in performance and savings.

As claimed our bearings are truly "Race Engineered" and here is why. We took our normal crankshaft bearing and started making tweaks and testing. We figured out a bearing design that when tested in 4 different engines rpm's increased from 620 to 885 over our normal bearing. There was no changes in longevity or accuracy. When redesigning the wheel bearings we took into account that the bearing will not only have radial loads, but axial loads (thrust) when cornering. Once again we were able to increase rpm's and bearing life when tested.

I will offer a 100% refund if not satisfyed with the product!!!! I have a legitimate business and I am licensed in the state of WI as a motorcycle dealer and ditributor. I have a Web guru working on designing the web site for me now. I started getting involved with the bearings as a way to support my son's racing. I want him to actually fill orders and do the customer contacts with my oversight to teach him responsability and commitment. Being a racer is more then throwing a leg over the seat and he has to work for his dreams too!!!!

Actual testing data:


Do you have the specs for specific model motors? 


I have a lot of information. No matter what you have I am sure I can find out the proper bearing(s) for any application with a little research.

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Sorry but I was unavailable and had no way to contact anyone on a regular basis. I got ahold of Scotty and I thought he passed on the info. I will pm you the details. Thanks.