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98 gsxr 750 Clutch

Started by ericb, March 11, 2003, 10:34:40 AM

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I'm trying to replace the clutch on my 98 gsxr 750.  I don't have the special tool to hold the clutch in place while I take off the outermost nut.  I'm just going to use an impact wrench.  What size is the outermost nut?


Are you replacing clutch plates? If so, normally the large nut does not have to be removed.


I'm replacing the plates and the springs.  

If you look here there's a picture of my clutch.  I have gotten off parts 19, 15, 26, 27, and 22.  I've tried taking out 19, but I don't think it will come off without removing nut 16.  I'm still trying to figure out what size nut it is.  I thought it was a 30mm, but the 30mm socket I bought won't fit inside part 12 to get to nut 16.  Any help would be appreciated.  


It look's like part 5 is your springs and 12 hold's them in with the nut.  Your guess of 30 mm for the nut sounds right, you probably need a non-impact socket with thin a wall in order to go into 12.  You could try measuring the nut with a tape by eyeballing it, it will be 27,30, or 32 mm.  My guess is that if 30 will not fit in 12 than it's 27 or 30.


Well, I went to Sears and got a 16 point 30mm socket that seemed like it was a lot thinner than the 6 point one I bought at autozone.  It fit and I was able to take the nut off.  However, right underneath it is part 12.  It looks like it's held in by 3 screws (part 13) in a triangle pattern.  I got the first scew out, but the other 2 stripped.   >:(  It never ends.  Looks like I'll have to drill them out.  I'm guessing that these 3 screws have to come out to replace the springs??   I have a service manual on order...I'm gonna wait for it to come before I do anything else.  Anyway, thanks for the help TZ_Boy.