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Geometry math??

Started by Decreasing_Dave, March 04, 2003, 08:34:07 AM

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I have an R6 and I've been running Dunlops (dumb-wops).  The size, 120/70/17.

The question, What will I have to do to my forks (adjust) to equal the same geometry with the Michelins??

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Super Dave

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You mean you have to change things on your bike for that???   I'm screwed.

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I make it a point to never change anything and so far it has worked pretty well.  I would suggest taking measurements and determining which direction to go based on them before swapping but don't make the actual change until you have tried it.  I put the 190/55 rear on my RC51 and knew that the extra inch of height in the back would require a change.  After riding it I decided I liked it better than before and left it with the old settings on the new tires.


We normally drop 6-8 mm on the front by sliding the tubes upward through the triples to compensate for the 70 series front.