Started by gpz11, November 19, 2007, 09:34:18 AM

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Can you tell me the latest date we can send it in, and still keep our number?


Must be in the Texas office by January 4th.
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what happens if I forget to send it in by the 4th?
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All licenses applications received after the 4th are processed in order and receive the first available number they requested, or the lowest number if all three numbers are already taken.
As an FYI you can request lowest number as your default or odd/even, begins with or end with certain number or close to teammates number etc just write what you would like if not a specific number.
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I posted this over in the rules and regs forum, but then it occured to me that it probably belongs over here, so I moved it.

I'll be racing Midwest region LW AM this year... I have supermoto and mini roadrace experience , but have been told that I will still need the licensing class.  That's fine, I'm sure I do need it.  Question is, can I send in my license application and reserve a number without having actually taken the class yet?  Is there some sort of 'provisional' license that would allow me to do that?  Reason I ask is that I  would like to get as much out of the way beforehand as possible, so that my first race weekend goes smoothly.