Frozen water wetter

Started by cyclecop, October 08, 2007, 06:17:48 AM

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Water wetter was not drained from bike and it froze solid??After the temp went back up it thawed, I drained and put new in.  Has anyone else had this happen?  I have ran the engine and everything looks fine??Any ideas on what I need to check??What kind of damage this will cause??

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You'll want to check for leaks.  Freeze plugs, possibly the head gasket.  Water Wetter is not an anti freeze.  You've got to try and plan and drain a water mixture out if you think it might get cold out and replace it with some antifreeze to reduce the risk of having something freeze and expand in the engine.
Super Dave


I had straight water freeze in my 1st GSXR 750 ('96), that ended up popping the freeze plugs in the head and changed the oil a milky light brown color. Luckily with that bike it usually just means tapping the freeze plugs back into the head (under the valve cover) without even removing the engine.
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Thanks for the replies-The bike is an 02 R6.  I have noticed about a dime size oil spot under it one time and it didnt come back after I cleaned it up.  I was unabled to locate its orgin.  I plan on doing a track day next month so we will see what happens.  Thanks again