Safety wiring header bolts?

Started by GRN_MACH, February 13, 2003, 08:15:13 PM

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I have a 01 zx6r and how am I suppose to wire the bolts ( actually nuts ) ?  ???

Super Dave

You'll kind of drill from one flat to the flat next to it.  Take your time.  It can be tricky!
Super Dave


thanx, guess i'll need to add a vice to my bench.


header bolts need to be safety wired?????? ???
Greg "Stumpy" Steltenpohl


That's what I read in the 03 rulebook...

Nate R

where did you read that? I dont see it. Are you sure you weren't reading the WERA book  ;) :D

That's one rule I never understood. How often to guys have all the header nuts come off in CCS? I've never heard of it happening. Why does WERA make it a MUST?
Nate Reik
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Super Dave

Personally, I do it.  Habit I guess.  And they can get loose, and then they are hard to get at.

Super Dave


Went through section 5 of the 2003 rule book and I don't see where header bolts are required to be safety wired.

On some bikes that I have safety wired, I pulled the studs and used socket head cap screws.
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sorry for the mix-up it was wera :-[