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SW/Pacific weekend schedule (again)

Started by Litespeed, February 03, 2003, 09:37:43 AM

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After witnessing the new schedule first hand this past weekend I would like to reflect some of my thoughts and more specifically concerns on the current schedule.  First off, the second session for the experts was a complete mad house, I saw what looked to be 70+ bikes on the track at one time and it seems everything with a white plate was out there (we were lucky no one was killed).  CCS did right by splitting the group into two for the next session and that was very much appreciated.  My concern is that the Firebird track is much smaller and will not allow anywhere close to that number of bikes on it.  Are we going to split the sessions ahead of time or wait and see how many bikes can fit on the track without causing major chaos?

I would also like to comment on this past weekends event:

1) I would like to congratulate everyone for making it a very enjoyable weekend!

2) I would also like to second the concerns of 'lightspeed' about crowding.  Fortunately (or unfortunately...depending how you look at it) the turnout for the street riders was poor so their two groups could be combined into one, leaving time to split the experts into two groups.  This had to be done as my wife counted 63 experts out in their practice session on everything from 30 -160 HP bikes!  Very scary and VERY DANGEROUS!  This should not happen again...we were lucky this time!

3) For some reason there weren't as many amateurs so it wasn't as crowded during our practice, but there was still too much speed and skill differential.  Some were doing 1:26s and others 2 min plus!  This needs to change for future events as well!

4)  The Pacific staff was very courteous, but overworked....probably due to the lack of people utilizing the pre-entry option.  I left at 5 pm on Sunday and race 17 was just finishing; however, the results for race 8 were not available yet!  I left without receiving my awards for 4 races because it was taking WAY too long.

In summary:  Fun weekend, good competition, but unsafe practice sessions in the present format.

Oh...and for those who didn't pay the extra $25 for the two optional 'after lunch' practice sessions...but went out anyway...pony up and pay next time!  I'm sure the staff and racers like myself didn't appreciate your taking advantage of the poorly trained track entrance workers! >:(


Who was the guy on the """"748"""" that blew by my R6 like I was standing still.  >:(  I only saw him race that 1 race.


I saw that too Dave.  I am amazed that a supersport legal 748 can make that kind of horsepower.  I guess we should all consider getting one...