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I picked up Renee from basketball practice today and she said, "Detert's dog was on the bus today."  Deterts live across from us and knowing this is an outside dog (read smelly) I knew he wasn't going to school for show and tell.  So I asked, "Why was he on the bus?"

Well.....  A few miles down the road, the dog was getting a little loving from one of the other farm dogs - in the middle of the road.  The bus driver had to stop for the lovers and knowing that one was far from home, told him (the dog) to get on the bus.  When Renee got on, here's the neighbor's dog.  She grabbed her cellphone and called Deterts to let them know their dog was on the bus.

LMAO!   :lmao:

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Pay no attention Dawn, Jeffy's just jealous.    :biggrin:
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Bus Driver:  "Mrs. Buxton, is this your daughter....?"

:lmao:  Sorry, couldn't resist!

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