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Speed Tech Racing Services

Started by J Farrell / Speed Tech Motorsp, December 12, 2006, 11:05:55 AM

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J Farrell / Speed Tech Motorsp

Speed Tech Racing Services :thumb:
Speed Tech Racing is offering some smokin deals on race prepping & engine building to get your bike ready for 2007.
Buying a new race bike or freshing up your current bike? Jason Farrell of Speed Tech Racing can build your next Supersport or Superbike!
With over 26 years of racing expirience & 14 years of race bike building expirience Jason can set your bike up the proper way and keep you on track to going fast!
Everyone wants to shorten their learning curve right? Take it to an already proven AMA Pro Racer! Jason understands the hard work & dedication needed to go fast. He can coach you & give you your insights on tons of racing topics.
Services we offer:
Supersport & Superbike Engine Building
Dynotuning with Dynojet Dyno to prove our performance
Full Suspension Services on Penske & Ohlins Shocks
We install Ohlins cartridge kits or Race Tech Gold Compression & Rebound Valving with their new digressive stack with proper spring rates for your weight & riding style.
Purchase bodywork from us & have it painted also!
We cut our own #'s & stickers to custom match your application.
We also have custom sheets we use to record our data that we will give you when you get you bike prepped here by us.
Speed Tech attends most Mid West Regional Races to also support you when you need it most. We also help tune your suspension & help you with your riding skills.
Friday Practice help with tuning & riding skills.
We also attend select NESBA events for coaching NESBA riders.
Racers receive special discounts on parts & racing accessories for your bike. Email for details.
If you need basically anything done to your bike give us a call @ (920) 236-0000 or send an email to Jason at
Speed Tech Motorsports / Pirelli / Arai / Silkolene / Kawasaki USA / Farrell Sign & Graphics / Hindle / US Chrome Cylinder Plating / Vortex / Dynojet / Tucker Rocky / Penske / VP Fuels / Woodcraft / Attack Racing Bodies / Stompgrip / EBC / NESBA / Plus my kick ass guys back at the shop