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just a little humor

Started by boo181, December 08, 2006, 11:28:31 PM

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The world's biggest Roadracing fan died and went to heaven. When he arrived he found himself the best seat at the most fabulous track he'd ever seen. There he saw Joey Dunlop and David Jefferies racing side by side.

Right behind them he saw Daijiro Kato closing in when all of the sudden the Repsol #69 streaked by all 3 of them.

'OH NO!' exclaimed the man, when did this happen?

St. Peter replied, 'don't worry, that's God, he just likes to think he's Nicky Hayden!'

Then another bike came flying right into the middle of all of them knocking them down like bowling pins in a cloud of dust & debris.

"What was that!!!" exclaimed the man...

"Oh", said St. Peter, "that was the Devil... he likes to think he's Dani Pedrosa..."

Woofentino Pugrossi

Wheres the Gong Show gong when you need it? :biggrin:
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K3 Chris Onwiler

OK, THAT made me laugh out loud....
The frame was snapped, the #3 rod was dangling from a hole in the cases, and what was left had been consumed by fire.  I said, "Hey, we've got all night!"




Without a sense of humor one is destined to be miserable