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Part 4 Tiff ????

Started by jim_p, January 23, 2003, 04:44:18 PM

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You said the remaining numbers (new numbers) would be posted today ??? When do the Daytona mailers go out?? or have they already ?


I'm anxiously waiting too... Maybe she's busy. I assume that processing new numbers take more time than renewing same numbers.  :-[


Give her a break kwak!  Your going expert. and you will get a 4 digit number 7825. On the phone that spells "suck"  :o


QuoteGive her a break kwak!  Your going expert. and you will get a 4 digit number 7825. On the phone that spells "suck"  :o

Can you be a bigger jackass? Have some compassion man! Too bad your nemesis Hank is still an amateur you sucker! I'm surprised you stuck with your 3 digit number. I would've thought you would've picked 5225277. Incase you were wondering.. it spells "jackass" on the phone key pad.  >:(  :P

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Yeah Brian!! You are going whitey, give it up and let it rest! Put that 2003 TZ to good use and don't sacrilege it by painting yellow plates! ;D If Ice Ice Ycetak is going expert, you should follow.

Hey Tiffany, take a few more days...It's better to see them sweat!  This is just getting good. Hey, my name is not on the list yet! Maybe she approved my novice petition too!!! ???
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Don't give up on your dreams! If an illiterate like K3 can write a book, imagine what you can do!


Now YTAK and Kwak....

If you two don't play nice, I will have to separate you two and give you a time out.

Mom   ;D
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YTak started it!  >:(  But I'm still waiting for my status and my new bike.. geez life is not good.




What's the status of the bike now?
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the shop in Japan took delivery of the bike yesterday so I should get it in 3 weeks or so? I hope the longshoreman's strike doesn't effect this.  :-/