Racing and Employment

Started by Lowe119, January 17, 2003, 10:06:45 AM

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This is a different question, but I need to know  :)
I graduate with my BS in Business Technology Management in a couple weeks and am looking for a job. I will move anywhere that I can still race. Currently I'm close to BFR and am having a hard time finding an IS position.
My question is: Where are the best places in the US to find jobs and still race often on a nice track or two?[/u]  I don't want to move to an area that has a track that I can only race once on and I don't want to move where I have to drive 10 hours either.
My friends and family say that any job is more important than racing  :-/  I guess that shows what they know.


Change your line of work...

Really, IS/IT jobs are needed everywhere, but right now they aren't available anywhere.

Change your friends and family too while you're at it.

[will work for track time]
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Good luck in your job search.  Unfortunately, today's job market is depressed and finding your dream job difficult.

I would suggest searching on or .  You can search by job type and then it would provide the location where the company is located.  Sorry to say, I think you would then need to do the research on the tracks in the area and the schedules as such.

Good luck!

Dawn   :)


Move to the Bay Area. Rent is comming down to near affordable prices and you can race CCS, AFM, AMA, and WSMC. WSMC races year round so there's never a shortage of track time. Plus, once you start making the big bux you can sponsor me. :)


Good Suggestions GP, I was just about to suggest the same thing.  That is were I am at and travel to Sears (infineon), Thunderhill, Buttonwillow, Willow Springs and Las Vegas is tolerable.  It is a bit more expensive here, but not too bad, it is almost, comperable to the rest of California.  I would also suggest San Diego, or LA.


QuoteChange your line of work...

Get into Web Development .. then you really CAN work anywhere for anyone.


I've heard that CA is the hardest place to find an IT job.

I'd recommend St. Louis.  Cost of living is great.  Pay is not bad, and you have Gateway (3 CCS races this year).  IT jobs (while not falling off of trees, are still available here).

BHF isn't too far, Road America, Barber and Putnam are all close.


South East; Atlanta, Greenville, Charlotte, Raleigh/ Durham. Don't know about the job markets in the different cities but you can race from February to October and ride year round. Charlotte being centraly located, you have nine tracks within a reasonable drive, eight hours being the longest, four of them are 3 1/2 or less.



Become a minister or a dentist. You can find jobs everywhere  ;D


the wisdom of the 'kwak-meister' strikes again!