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Engine Break In

Started by Faas73, February 13, 2006, 03:36:22 PM

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Alrighty, I'm betting this question is almost as bad as the dreaded "which oil" and "which tires" threads, but here goes...

I've got a nice new shiny R6 in the garage. I'm prepping it now, and will hopefully have everything done just in time to make Daytona.

So, with lack of time to ride this thing around on the street for a couple hundred miles, what are my options for breaking this motor in before attempting a full race at Daytona? What is the proceedure most guys use to break a motor in, either new or right after a rebuild?

Thanks in advance...

Good article there Brad about engine break-in.


+1 I was going to post that exact link.  You will still hear arguments among experts as to which method is best.  I'm on this guy's side.  High RPM, varied, for short durations.
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Yep, this was kind of what I was thinking. I'd read similar articles in the past.

Looks like a semi-illeagal run down some back roads for me... tomorrow it's supposed to be around 60 degrees out here in MD before it drops back down into the 30s for the weekend. ::)

Super Dave

You'll never get the heat in it like you get from the track.  I've run many bikes for the first time at Daytona.  Then on to the dyno for HP runs with less than 30miles on it.

New stuff is pretty much ready to go.

We're not talking about Old Briggs & Stratton engines with nasty cylinder walls.
Super Dave


Alrighty, good enough for me then. I'm assuming you just change the oil and filter after the first practice session, and then again after a day of racing?

Super Dave

I like to do a couple of filter and oil changes.  I like to use a straight weight oil if I can find one.  I have used John Deere break-in oil too.

I focus on not completely reving out the motor at WFO, and I use the engine a little bit to slow down...creates some back pressure to push against the rings.  

That's my method at least.
Super Dave


I will concurr with Dave on the break in thing. My 2003 R6 I drove it home from the dealer (30miles) doing the variable speed and letting the bike decelerate on its own for back pressure. I went through each gear varying revs, no sustained RPM just varying it. After that she went onto the track. I broke my R1 in the same way no issuses.
Remember if anything is going to break its within the 1st miles after that I would suspect its good to go.
Also some food for thought is that the piston, rods and crank are all pushing up on the equivalent of the weight of a dump truck something like 250 times a second. Then its being yankend back down.SO if its gonna break its gonna break right away.