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Started by Gixxer124, December 24, 2002, 11:49:51 AM

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What are the rules/procedures for having 2 bikes at the track, as in, 1 main bike and a backup? Does the backup need to have the same number on it? If it is a different size, what do you do for tech? Is this something that has to be done right before you decide to use the 2nd bike or can you pre approve it when you go through tech in the morning? I have been offered a 750 to use if I want to. Sweet! Later, Kevin


Anyone feel free to correct me but .... Since CCS has no qualifying heats you can ride whatever you want as long as it's passed tech and is legal for the class. Both bikes must go through tech and you can ride each one in their proper classes.

Practices would be restricted to the proper session for each bike also.

The only thing there probably is a rule about is you may have to finish a race on the bike you started the race on. Let's say in a red flag situation you may not switch bikes during the stop. With two different class bikes you could not start Heavyweight SS on a 600 then switch to a 750 during a red flag stop. I believe that would be the same in the Team challenge events.

The number you have belongs to you, the rider not the bike, so yes both bikes must have your number on them.


Weggie_Man got it right.

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One note: you must be registered to race at least one race on the bike you are practicing.

IE, you have an SV and a GSXR 750. You want to ride both bikes in practice, so you must be registered for at least one Lightweight race and at least one heavyweight race to be allowed to practice on both bikes.
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Hopefully that would be caught in tech. Trying to get through tech with a 750 when you're entered in Lightweight shouldn't work. But then ....