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Fork Seal/oil replacement

Started by gsxrsrad1000, April 28, 2005, 12:01:56 PM

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What's guys, I am a huge do-it-yourselfer and it just so happens that my fork seals&oil need replacement.  I have both OEM Suzuki manuals and Microfiche.  Do I need any special tools to do this?  How hard is it?  Is this something I should leave for the professional, or with a little guidence/determination I could do this myself.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


check out traxions site or Rach tech for tools.

or  just send to Lithium and have no worries.


I would guess that you have USD forks.

I have never found them to be too difficult. I purchased the tool for bleeding the forks and it is easier with a fork seal driver (it can be done without - a proper diameter and length piece of PVC can be used). The other tools I have managed to make from old tools and other odds and ends I have laying about (you know, the stuff your wife asks why you are keeping). Just follow the manual and it is not very difficult. Might be easier if you can con someone local to show/guide you how to do it.

If you need more detail, let me know.
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Thanks guys I will let you know, gathering up the parts/ tools now.

Super Dave

I'm fully capable of doing fork work myself...


If this is a race bike, I refuse to touch cartridge forks myself.  Should I make a minor mistake, the bike will handle like complete dog cr@p.  The risk of falling down because of poor suspension and generally just wasting the time and money it takes to show up, let alone be competitive, at a race track is high.

I use

Good luck!
Super Dave


Unlike SD, I have seen too many instances where a "respected" suspension shop has mucked up a set of forks either through poor setup or assembly shortcuts and mistakes.  

Most suspension shops have a tuner's name assiociated with the shop, often times that is not the guy that is turning the wrenches on YOUR stuff.  If you do use a shop, talk to the guys to get comfortable. Personally, I put my trust in myself and know exactly who to blame when something is wrong.



Did you get it done, I have mine torn apart and having trouble.