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'01 SV 650 front fork issue

Started by Scott, April 18, 2005, 07:59:03 AM

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My buddy is 195lbs and races above mentioned bike.  

Any suggestions on how to firm up the mushy front forks?

Answers must be exaclty how I like my women: CHEAP and EASY.  (no "go buy an Ohlins" crap)


Stock forks :

modify damping rods (close rebound hole(s), drill out compression holes -          only if using emulators)
change to thicker fork oil - I use 20wt, some use 30wt
stiffer springs - consult suspension guru/spring supplier for proper rate.
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Can that kind of stuff be done at the track by a suspension guy?

For example, lets say were at RA Thursday can we drop it by Baker, or Lithium or whomever and just have them get it done in one day?

Also, what would your ballpark guess be as far as $$$

Thanks for the help!


Depends upon what the suspension guy has for tools at the track. The most difficult part would be brazing/welding the rebound holes closed. Otherwise it would not be very difficult.

Price, I would hazard a guess in the $200 - $400 dollar range, less if you don't need springs.

I pretty sure Ed Kwaterski (Trackside Engineering) will be at RA. Might contact him and see if it is possible. Need be, I might be persuaded to find my modified stock damping rods as a trade.
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I have an 02 SV, and weigh 175lbs.  I know what you speak of in the "mushy" front end.  

You need a few things, and you will be setup.

First lets go with the super easy way,

  Cost:  400-450 bucks
  Contact:  Traxxion Dynamics
  Product:  They will set your front forks up with a set up racetech gold valve emulators, and custom damping rods, new springs, and new fork oil.  Also they will replacee your fork seals if needed.

Easy way, but a lil bit harder

  Cost:  200-400 bucks
  Product:  Still contact Traxxion and get there damping rod and emulator drop ins.  This is the same product thta you get from them, however you do the work, so you save the money.  You still have to provide the new springs, and oil.  And if you dont have a couple of tools it will be cheaper to have them do it.  

The difference in having them do it and you doing it is simple.  If you do it, you know its done right, and now you knwo how to rip your fork apart and do the work/service on it yourself.  If they do it all you do is pull them off the bike, bubblewrap them, ship, then reverse the order to put back on.

Either way I think its the best setup for SV's that I have ever used.  Others will dissagree, but you know what they say about opinions....


703-628-6818  Call Mike he will hook you up and give you the info you need even if you don't pay him to do your services.  This is a person you can walk up to and get straight answers no B.S.  He won't try to sell you something you don't need.


99-02 SV forks are dead easy to do.  Unfortunately if you haven't done the rear shock as might be in for a rude surprise.  

Either way...Call Race Tech. Order the emulator, springs and fork oil.  Follow the instructions for drilling out the damper rod.  (You will need a 6mm long hex socket tool and an impact gun.)  

Setting the fork oil cane be done easily enough with another tool from Race Tech.  (Or go cheap and get somethign to do it with.)  I finally broke down and bought the tool to save myself time.