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BHF Repaving Pictures

Started by EX#996, November 21, 2002, 09:47:11 AM

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Blackhawk farms has posted a few pictures on thier site showing progress of the repaving.  Check it out.

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Does anyone know if the track itself has changed at all? Are all the turns the same and did they open up anymore run off area(not that i need it).
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How far away did they stack all the torn up concrete? Or is it being used in place of the tire wall? :o :o


From my conversation with Mike irwin the track has not changed at all, just new pavement.

As for run off area, there isn't much they can do. The track property line is close to the track in most places except from turn 3a -5.
In turn 5 they have a creek that runs under the track and through to turn 7. Illinois DNR won't let them touch that so they can't do much in there. I do have some ideas I want to ask them about the turn 5 area though.



Check out that picture of turn 5.  Something tells me this is how they're going to leave it :o
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QuoteI do have some ideas I want to ask them about the turn 5 area though.

Looking at the re-paving pictures on the web site, and seeing the one of turn 5... YES Please have them do "something" for the run off there. :o


You guys have never looked at turn 5 before?  It's looked like that since the day the track was built some 30 odd years ago.  This was a repaving project, not a track design project.  Last I heard was Illinois DNR would not let the owners do anything with turn 5 because of the creek.  Maybe some outside thinking can change that.  That's what I will talk to them about, but nothing will happen until at least spring. Remember folks, winter is coming and it's not like winter in Florida.


I know, I know... I don't ever look at that impact area when I'm racing.  Look through the turn right?  ;D