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Rattle on decel in neutral....

Started by Chris_s, April 14, 2005, 07:47:51 AM

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Honda cbr600rr.  in neutral sitting there...if i  hit the throttle i get a little rattle in perfect sync almost with the engine while it winds down.  not much if anything on idle or accel.  just want to confirm my thinking.....CCT?  its a manual ape with fresh cam sprockets newly degreed.  maybe the cam chain seated into the new sprockets alittle and loosened her up?  im gonng try to tighten it alittle tonight but though i would get some advice in case thats not it.  

bike ran STRONG on sunday till i put it in the trailer.
no its just lmaking that noise.


Just to be sure it's not clutch/tranny related - does the noise still happen with the clutch pulled in while in gear?



nah it was the cct just adjusted it thanks though!