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Is this a stock Carb. needle?

Started by sv303, March 20, 2005, 05:17:57 PM

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I tried to download a picture put didn't know how!  I bought a used race bike to race this season and I wanted to see what jets were in the carburator.  I've never seen a needle like this, maybe I'm just new to this.  The needle wasn't solid.  It had a hole up the center and then about 8 or so holes on opposite sides of each other.  It was shorter then a normal one too.  The only thing printed on it was a "C".  This is off a Sv650.  Is this a stock needle?

Also what should I start out with in the carburator?  The motor is stock, full race pipes, it has stock air but I'm going to get an after market air filter.



Thanks for answering fourandsix.  Has anyone tested a Yosh MJN needle to a regular one.  It looks like it would be better.  

Super Dave

It's a good set up.

The stock needle is designed to help the bike meet EPA emission standards.  The MJN needle is designed for performance.
Super Dave