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Strange noise

Started by Everett, March 20, 2005, 11:00:32 AM

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i have a 99 gsxr600 with about 25000 miles,  all street and many highway miles.  ive noticed that when the bike is idling,  a clicking noise begins but goes away when i give the bike soem gas or it stops after 30 ro seconds.  by clicking i mean like someing is tryign to engage. ( i want to say clutch but i dont feel teh bike tryig to move or anything)  i cant tell exactly where the noise comes from but it doenst affect my performance at all that ive noticed  the thing is that the noise soenst happen all the time and like i said it stops after 30 seconds or so.  i noticed that when i do stoppies the noise happens more often.  any help is greatly appreciated.  i knwo this seems vague but this is  a new problem for me thanks

Eric Kelcher

Valve train I think, I would check adjustment of the valves, the coming and going has me confused though. If it was hydralic lifters I would say the oil pump was going out or low on oil, try taking it to a good mechanic.

The other thing that makes noise is a rod but it is usually more of a knock.
Eric Kelcher
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well i took the bike out and played with the clutch adjuster and it seems to help with the reduction in the frequency of the noise.  i have the screw (the one right next to the lever) out to the point where  it doesnt start catching until about 1.5 inches to full release.    with this i assume my clutch is going out or that somehting is broken inside.  all gears shift perfectly and the clutch only slips when its cold and not warmed up all the way.  if this sounds correct please let me know.  thanks eric for the help.  i wouldnt be surprised if my valves need adjusted.  ugg  another fun project to do.  


Do you get the noise while in neutral?

Does it come and go when the clutch lever is pulled/released while in neutral?

If not the valve train, it could be the clutch basket (outer and or the inner) are worn. Also, the clutch engagement tabe can wear, causing more play in the clutch system (not play at the lever, but play between the clutch plates and the basket - circumfrential (sp?) play).
Brian McLaughlin
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i didnt notice any difference whether the bike was in neutral or in gear, but i usually will keep the bike in gear with the clutch all the way in.  it seems to help.  it makes sense that about what you said tzracer about the cluthc engagement tabe wearing and causing more play betweent eh plates.  so i figure that the plates are slightly hitting each out at low rpm (1000-2000) the at higher rpms they dont or they sync up.  thanks for your help guys, this problem was drivng me crazy ( not a fan of unusally and unidentifiable noises)  now all i got to do is get enough money to fix her.

remember to ride rubber side down, even if it is only one wheel

Super Dave

Just another think to look at...

Suzuki cam chain tensioners have been suspect since I started racing...quite a few years from now.  

You've got a good deal of miles, and if you're doing a few stoppies...well, the internal oiling is suffering...the cam chain tensioner stock works on some hydraulic pressure.  
Super Dave


I had a 98 gsxr 600 and the culprit was that the stock cam chain tensioner broke.  Your's may not be broken and may need an adjustment.  This is a simple fix and hopefully that's all.  Hey, let me know if you need a tail section for that bike...I have on sitting in the garage in good condition.



how much do you want for the tail section and by tail sectin are we taling about the palstic only.   a pic would be nice    thanks
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