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number background ???

Started by bambam, March 12, 2005, 06:17:41 PM

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ok now for another question on this subject.... how close to the 10 x 12 inch size does this have to be. i got the 7.5 inch numbers (shop didn't have any 8 inch ones) with 1 inch between and all the way arround but trimmed too much off of it to make it look better. i have like 9 x 10 on the front and with 6 inch numbers on the back like 8.5 x 10. a 10 x 12 on both sides of the tail just about covers the whole thing. the numbers are very clear and so is the yellow so does size really matter? ... i figured i might get more replies if i started a new thread instaed of asking this in the front # plate ?? one.

thanks in advance


As long as the numbers are large enough (7.5 should be ok on the front) and there is an inch or more of the number plate around the numbers you should be fine. The deciding factor will be if the scorers can read your numbers while you ride by. Bikes have passed tech and the scorers have requested that the numbers be changed/modified.
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  thanks...  i'll do a few trackdays and ask people to look for it and see what they think. this will be my first year racing so it should be fun.