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Head Swap (good time to refresh?)

Started by Lowe119, March 08, 2005, 09:44:07 AM

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My buddy is swapping the head on my '00 R6. How much more teardown is necessary to get to the rings? How much more is required to swap pistons? If it isn't too much more, I'd like to put some new rings in and possibly some high compression pistons.

So if that IS a possibility, where would you recommend getting my head gasket, rings, pistons, and if I need more teardown - other gaskets?

I'm still looking for my service manual

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I have never worked on an R6, but there is basically no difference in amount of teardown between replacing rings and replacing pistons.

I may be wrong, but I believe that on the R6, to replace rings you need to split the motor since the cylinders are integrated onto the top half of the crankcase.

To get parts, it seems to me that always has some of the better prices around...
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Japanese OEM pistons are very good.  

Why not mill the head just a bit and do the cam timing?  That would get you higher compression.  With that, you can make it so that the pistions just barely touch the head.  What more would you like?

Yeah, you're gonna want to split the cases to do the rings.  

R6 race motors have specific issues also.  You need to consult a good shop that specializes in road racing motors.  If you don't, you run the opportunity of not replacing enough components that will result in tossing pieces through your cases.

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