Great Lakes Top 10 Amateurs

Started by TiffineyIngram, November 15, 2002, 10:07:07 AM

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Per a request from one of our top amateurs (I won't mention any names, but SDIVER leaps to mind), these are the top 10 amateurs in the region!  Congratulations guys, and good luck next year as experts!

1 5822 788.6 MICHAEL CHACHERE, MILWAUKEE, WI. Moon Supercycle of Milwaukee WI,Authenti  

2 3138 552.7 DAVID VAUGHN, RIVERDALE, IL. Chi-Town Hustlers,Vesrah,LOKO Coatings,W atson Motorsports,Fitch Fuel Systems,Cas  

3 2670 858.3 ROBERT BOROWICZ, ROMEOVILLE, IL. Pirelli,Vortex,Ferodo,Factory,Sharkskinz  

4 2629 913.7 DAVID DIDIER, ARLINGTON HTS, IL. Dunlop,EBC,Metzeler,Sharkskinz,Teknic,Si lkolene,Vortex,Rule One Racing  

5 2516 882.5 MARK SORENSEN, ST. PAUL, MN. Roy's Repair Racing,Lockhart Phillips,Vo rtex,Pirelli,Dunlap,Mason Racing Tires  

6 2236 730.8 STEVE DIVER, MARYLAND HTS, MO. Pirelli,Lockhart Phillips,Ferodo,Vanson, SD Consulting.  

7 2193 594.8 EDGAR DORN, MINNEAPOLIS, MN. Numbskullz Racing,Lockhart Phillips,Maso n Tire Services.  

8 2115 776.1 CHRISTOPHER ONWILER, KANKAKEE, IL. Chi-town Hustlers,LOCO Coatings,Castle,H  

9 2080 878.7 ANDY FEUERSTHALER, NEW BERLIN, WI. Baker Race Gear,Dunlop,Vortex,EBC,Silkol ene,Sharkskinz,Lockhart Phillips  

10 1801 874.5 ROBERT A. LACAVICH JR., HAZELWOOD, MO. Pirelli/Metzeler,Traxxion Dynamics,EBC,V ortex,Suzuki.  


LOL thanks Tiffiney - You WERE the best :P  ;)

Here's the text from my email in case anyone thinks I got a big head:

"And hey, how about a little CCS forum board top 10 recognition for the AM's as well :)  Leave my name off if you want, this is more about recognizing my

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Honey, you know I love you!  I was going to let someone tease you and then cut and paste your email in here...I'm sorry.   :'(


QuoteCongratulations guys, and good luck next year as experts!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


But look on the bright side.. atleast your bikes won't have the dorky ass yellow number plates.  ;)


No prob Tiff, I was just teasing ya back  ;D

That's why i put the :P and ;) in it...

You know how tongues and guns are similar don't ya? :O
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EX#996 I want to know?

My thoughts exactly!   ;)

Dawn :)
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Oh, I got it!  Don't stick them out unless you plan to use them....

Is that it??



Yeah, you got it..actaully never point one at someone unless you are willing to use it...LOL...don't let the fiance read this :O

As for my forum buddy Dawn I'll make sure I use this one   :-[ since proper women don't talk about such things...hehe ;)
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Super Dave

Nice job.  Four of my children made the top ten.  Nice!
Super Dave