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6" front numbers??

Started by firerider, February 18, 2005, 11:57:32 AM

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Added in another thread on the general forum, I asked for comfirmation on using 6" numbers on the front if you are running a bike with a very small frontal area ??? This would be great and make things a little easier if possible.

Eric Kelcher

Per the rule book

5.3.6 Numbers must be black and approximately 8" high and 1" wide, of standard block
lettering with no shading, outlining or serifs. Number must be spaced approximately
1" from each other as well as the edge of the plate or display area. 6" numbers may be
used on the rear plates. All numbers on any display must be the same size.

I have not seen a bike yet that cannot run 8" numbers.

All bikes (even the RC51 and ZX6R/ZX6RR) can fit a single number plate above the air scoop with partial painting of the windscreen.

But aside from that if you do run offset front number plates they have allowed 6" numbers to be used in the past.
Eric Kelcher
ASRA/CCS Director of Competition


Hmmmmm, I guess it's a crapshoot ;)
I am running a front number plate on the side(offset) on a ZX-10R and space is limited. Thanks for the quick answer.