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600 f4i set up

Started by 77hogan, February 09, 2005, 05:28:32 PM

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I'm a new racer and I just put on race fairing and now I cant start my bike. how do I wire the front of my bike so it will start?

Super Dave

What did you do?  Take the key switch off?  Remove the kill button?  Clutch lever wiring?  Kick stand wiring?
Super Dave


I traced it back to the tip senser but still bon't know how to wire it

Super Dave

Might be a resistor in there where you can't just remove it.  Might want to check with someone that has more Honda experience...or retain the tip over switch.  Never disabled the ones on my GSXR600 or my R6.
Super Dave


I think you connect the Red and Green together, You leave the white alone, I'll have to look for sure though...I'm 99% sure..

Greg "Stumpy" Steltenpohl


Not sure of the colors but on the RC's and the RR you connect the outer two wires.  My guess is it is the same on the F4i.  Good move getting rid of that thing, they suck.
Larry Dodson
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