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92 db @ Laguna

Started by L8brake731, February 05, 2005, 08:04:46 AM

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Trying to get 92db out of the SV650!!
Have a few choices; Hindle Ti (NOT) tips at 132db, Yosh RS3, not too bad 100db, Super Trapp with 11 plates 100db.... ???
I don't have a stock muff anywhere and those three are what I have to work with.
Anyone have ideas, short of a potato?
S. Fukiage
CCS/ASRA  #731


You are probably going to have to use the stock system. 102db is twice as loud as 92db, so 100db is quite a bit louder than 92db.

I have a stock 2003 sv exhaust.
Brian McLaughlin
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Super Dave

Everyone that I know that does track days at Laguna uses a stock exhaust.  Really the only way to do it.
Super Dave


Don't feel too bad Steve, there's no possible way I could make the TZ pass.  Or Elaine's MZ (I don't think it would run with the stock exhaust).  

Supposedly they make 82 dB enduro silencers for the CR...


Woofentino Pugrossi

Ya can thank the dufusses in the high dollar homes on the edge of the track property.

Hmmm, lets build a house NEXT TO A RACETRACK thats been there how many years? Then lets bitch about the noise and get them regulated to stock exhaust, but yet I dont think my Road King with straight pipes is a problem. ::) ::)

Ya know theres a few of the whiners who do have a HD with open pipes in that subdivision. ::)
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Thanks for the suggestions. :D
I found a stock can at my local Suz dealer for FREE! A take off from some poor guy going down.

Like you guys mentioned, it was the only way to go, didn't have to be concerned at all ;D.

I think about three or four got booted due to the noise limitaions.

What a track!

Thanks for the help ;D
S. Fukiage
CCS/ASRA  #731


Rob is right, what a crock.  I agree that a few of the pencil necked geeks that live around the track probably have Hardleys, but I doubt any of them actually ride them... just for when they have the art gallery crowd over to seem different.  I can't imagine how the track let them get away with passing that law.
Larry Dodson
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