What will kit ECU do for you ?

Started by burniepd, January 19, 2005, 06:47:43 AM

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Just purchased 05 R6 and it is my first fuel injected bike. I am planning on doing aftermarked pipe, power commander, air filter, and slide stops.

Here is the discription on from YEC:
Engine control unit (ECU) (Modified)
This parts use to create optimal ignition characteristic for race usage.
The numerical value is changed to match with modified camshafts.
Use this ECU together with the kit wire-harness. The fuel injection in four areas can be adjusted with the standard meter assembly.

Since i am not using the kit cams will there still be a benefit from the ECU and would your recommend it.

Also does anyone know when you need the AIS plug set
These plugs need to be mounted when the AIS (Air Induction System) is removed. Is this normally done when you install aftermarked pipe?

Sorry for stupid question but this my first Yamaha and Fuel injected bike. My last bike was a Kawi xz6r 01.

Thanks for the help.
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Besides changing you fuel/air ratio I think most of them change the rev limiter to a higher RPM. I know the Honda Rev boxes do.

Greg "Stumpy" Steltenpohl

Super Dave

Well, you answered it in your post...

"create optimal ignition characteristic"

Yeah, you can fuel it, but you'll be able to change the ignition timing.

So, the question becomes...

Do you have the availability of a really good dyno, most aren't because they really can't product accurate, repeatable runs...?

And do you have a knowledgeable tuner?

Generally most aren't.  Hard enough to get the fuel right, let alone get the ignition right.  Most dyno operators are "certified" because they bought the dyno and went to a short school.  It's a tool to make money..."I've got more HP than you"...well, HP doesn't always win races...if it did, Rossi would have lost because he was down on HP and top speed.

Last year, we used the 46i Fuel Injection Module.  Less than $200, and I can use it at the track.  Dyno tuned at http://4and6.com and then I could change three settings with a screw driver, just like jets, but it takes almost no time at all.  No lap top necessary.

I do know of one person that used the Kit Yamaha box.  But he has a dyno at his house, and he's been responsible for his own bikes for some time.

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